Based on Yelp reviews I called Eric 3 months ago and he configured my wifi at a new 2 acre property that we just moved into.  He was as good as advertised.  Today, I had an appointment with him so that he could extend my wifi so that it is available throughout my 2 acres.  I spoke to at least 10 computer techs and companies and not a one seemed to know how to be able to give me the coverage I needed.  Several suggested the solution of simply getting a hotspot device (which would cost $50 a month) or to add and additional internet account so that I could get service on the second home on the property.  Only Eric understood that all I wanted was to save myself the monthly fees forever.  As it turned out he order some commercial grade equipment, came in and installed everything in under an hour.  Works like a charm.  I paid him $370, but I saved myself $50 per month expensive that would never end.  He has saved me a ton of money and I cannot say enough good things about him.  He truly is…”the computer guy”!


Tony A  San Diego, Ca

I highly recommend this company for any computer issues you may have. My old Dell laptop kicked the bucket and I wasn’t able to even log into it anymore. I did a Yelp search for computer techs in the area and The Computer Guy came up.  There were great reviews, so I thought I’d give him a shot!  When I got ahold of him and told him about the problem I was having he gave me a few options right over the phone. I ended up buying a new laptop and he got everything off of my old laptop  and put it on my new one and did exactly what I wanted and went above and beyond. He was fast and had my computer back to me the very next day. It was well worth the money!


Jolene P. Oceanside, Ca

SO GLAD I CALLED ERIC TODAY!   He fit me into his schedule same day.
He was here exactly on time.  He fixed my computer and knew exactly what was up with it.  He was extremely reasonable on price.  I highly recommend Eric and will use him again in the future!

Jean H.  Carlsbad, CA

As a small business owner I cannot afford to have a full time IT guy, having Eric around keeps my business running smoothly.

He shows up when he says he will, he trouble shoots CORRECTLY and is highly knowledgeable in his field.  I consulted him prior to buying a business printer, then he installed it.  By having him choosing a great printer he SAVED me time so I can focus on my business. In addition he went around my house and recrimped CAT 5 wires that hadn’t been working property since I moved here.  I have also called him out for other various issues with both my personal and business computers (PC & Laptops). He will be coming back to move all my equipment form me when I move my office.

I would consult him prior purchasing your next computer and doubly if you are experiencing problems now.  He is quick, efficient and is so worth the money!

Tammy B. Vista Ca

My computer apparently has the equivalent of some deep-jungle airborn mysto virus.  No one knows what it is or how to fix it. I took it to Eric and left it there for a day and a half.  He gave me the call that you hate to hear about- “I can’t fix it.”

So why would I give him five stars?  Well, he was straight up with me for one, but mostly it’s because he didn’t charge me at all.  I thought that was pretty cool and certainly reasonable.  If anything else came up, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Eric.

D.I. Encinitas, Ca

Eric was awesome.  He came to my workplace and had the virus out of my computer in less than an hour.  At first, I told him that I did not believe him when he said he would probably be done in an hour.  I gave him my computer and being super nosy, I asked him if I could watch over his shoulder.  Anyways, I’m typing this review from the very computer he fixed.

Eric also gave a great recommendation for a Korean restaurant.  Thanks.

Roy L. San Diego, Ca

I needed a repair estimate to submit to my insurance company after our laptop was dropped. I was referred to Eric and I couldn’t be happier. I sent an e-mail with photos of the damage and just a few hours later we met for him to take a look at the laptop and I had an estimate in my hand. It was a very smooth process and I’m very impressed. I will absolutely trust Eric with any future IT needs.

Tamera S.  San Diego, Ca

Eric is not The Computer Guy, he is The Computer Man!!!  I own and manage an IT Consulting Company and have been looking for a computer repair technician to service our clients laptops and workstations for months.  After asking around and interviewing several other “computer guys” I was finally introduced to Eric by a mutual friend. I decided to do my due diligence and check him out even though he was highly recommended from a friend of whom I trust.  It took just one technical based conversation to know that Eric knew what he was talking about so I decided to give him a shot.  On his first job, he was able to save my client hundreds of dollars by fixing a busted laptop using an ingenious technique that included the temporary use of a towel to heat up the laptop and a penny to cool down one of the internal components that was overheating.   After he told me what he did, I was convinced that I had finally found the right “Computer Guy” to trust my client’s computers and laptops with.  I recommend Eric to any small business or end user who is frustrated with computer problems, errors and viruses.  Give him a try, you will be very happy that you did.

William T  San Diego, Ca

Eric is one of the most competent, friendly, trustworthy, and  efficient  computer techs I have met.  My computer got a virus  and I thought had wiped out all of  my documents and photos.  When I dropped my computer off to Eric, he  explained to me that files do not disappear, they are hidden. Within 24 hours, I received a called from Eric, that my computer is up and running and all my files are accessible.  I was estactic!!  Also, I feel he is very fair with his service fees.  I will definetly use his services again and higly recommend him to anyone who needs their computer repaired.

Kathleen B.  Encinitas, Ca

I had my laptop screen go out. I did some research and found that it should be the back light. There was a question of whether the inverter should be replaced at the same time. Eric provided the same diagnosis, and offered to include the diagnostic into the overall repair price. It was quick and painless. My machine was down at times that were convenient to me. Great service! Told me how the back light does that. Great guy! I highly recommend him!

Theresa G. Encinitas, Ca

We have tried other “computer guys” but Eric  is by far the best,much more than the stores and being mobil is a must for us. I own a small construction company in Encinitas and was having issues with the old system. Eric gave us good advice in selecting a new one. Eric came out  to the office to transfer all the files. That is when the nightmare started.
We were using and old version of Quickbooks (1995) and the data would not transfer to the 2011 version.
Eric called Intuit technical support for us and we were transfered to Pakistan or India or some country that does not speak english. After a week of frustration we were ready to throw in the towel and buy the new version and start all over. Eric said “no way we are going to beat these guys” he persisted and finally today we are up and running at no cost to us, thanks Eric for not giving up!
I know Eric spent way too much time on this and lost money but in turn he gained a loyal customer.
I have already reccommended him to a customer of mine for a much larger job. Give Eric a call you will not be dissapointed, he is the best!

Larry E.  Encinitas, Ca

I am a Broadcast Engineer that has to work on lots of computers as well as broadcast equipment at work and I knew that the problem I was having was not something that I wanted to tackle.

I found Eric on Yelp and although I didn’t use his at home service I could tell by his flexibility in meeting times that he would be great at that too. Eric said that the computer would be done in 5 days and wasEric quoted me a price and kept it even though the repair ended up being kind of a pain

Would I got to Eric again- anytime.  He’s good; if I can’t repair a computer problem myself it is a serious problem and Eric will be my guy to do those repairs from now on

 Andrew B. Solana Beach, Ca
I am so stoked that I called Eric !! He came over and took my horribly slow laptop that was almost dead and when he brought it back (the next day) it was better than brand new!!! He added additional RAM, installed better versions of the software I lost. Plus he installed my printer and showed me how to reload my ITunes- all for no extra charge!! He is friendly, quick  and knows his stuff!! I highly recommend calling him!

Kristen S. Encinitas, Ca

The Computer Guy knows his stuff and is very responsive.  My Laptop Hard Drive crashed one evening and he made himself available that night.  All data was retrieved and transferred it to another Drive THAT EVENING!  I was so impressed, I had him clean-up my Desktop PC.  He gave me some good tips on backup and organizing my files as well.  If real-time service is important or if you just want someone who knows PCs, the Computer Guy is your guy!

Mark B.  Encinitas, Ca